Hi. Wow, this is different.

Okay. Sure. I wish things could have gone better. But they didn't, that sucks. I no longer felt any real connection to the community at CalRef, so I decided to hand it over to Luca, who has always been a competent and enthusiastic community leader. I was certain CalRef would be in good hands under her supervision.

What I didn't expect was to be accused of deadnaming my best friend, on basically the first day I returned to CalRef as a member.

Seriously. I'm trans, I know how much it fucking sucks to be deadnamed. The member in question is my best friend, I have known her for ten years, and I would never use someone's deadname spitefully or deliberately in any way, no matter if they were my best friend or worst enemy.

If you didn't want me around, that's fine. You could have said "Hey Keira, take a hike," and I would have. But you did no such thing. Instead, you:

I don't know what I did to piss you off. I thought we'd put personal stuff behind us and moved on, but from your behaviour it seems like you have not. I'll say it again; I'm sorry things didn't work out. I'm sorry you've decided to burn bridges. But you crossed a line and then doubled-down on it, so this is me being a spiteful bitch.

If you're reading this looking for Calamity Refuge, it's located here. If you're a CalRef friend and want to stay in touch, my email is keira@calref.net, or you can find me on discord (Zoe can get us in contact, because as I mentioned, I seem to have been banned from the CalRef discord).

Have a lovely life.


Update 4 Apr 2018, 5:45 PM I have removed the member's name in question, at their request.