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Author Topic: Subterra Outpost (Hype)  (Read 2916 times)

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Subterra Outpost (Hype)
« on: 02 April 2010, 01:44:30 PM »
Given that I've been working on this for a year now (well, actually for about a week, when you calculate in the parental effect), I thought I'd finally post a thread on it.

Basically, it's a utility scenario that takes place in Exile. I tried to put a spin on a lot of it . Such as farncy graphics and a little bit of plot. Just so it's not your run of the mill utility. It's actually less of a utility and more of a mini-scenario that's really easy. I dunno. Just look at the damn screenshots:

(16:27:39) Iffy: Sylae, I'm being fucked so hard right now.

(22:29:53) Iffy: I ALREADY CLOP TO MLP.

(18:00:48) Lobehold: SYLAE YOU BITCH
(18:00:50) Lobehold: REMOD ME

 (19:01:00) Dintiradan: But still, as a general rule of thumb, RPGs shouldn't have a stat for penis size.

 (17:12:58) Arancaytar just saw a disembodied vulva swallow a person whole.

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Re: Subterra Outpost (Hype)
« Reply #1 on: 03 April 2010, 01:03:18 PM »
But what shall your utility do?


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Re: Subterra Outpost (Hype)
« Reply #2 on: 04 September 2017, 02:30:13 AM »
You make me more knowledgeable. I like all of you very much


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