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Author Topic: only rule  (Read 7047 times)

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Re: only rule
« Reply #30 on: 09 November 2011, 07:59:00 PM »
Quote from: "Neb"
Don't even know what you're talking about here or even see the original question,
And you criticize me for lack of reading comprehension... tsk, tsk.

My first two sentences.

Quote from: "Neb"
I still find my argument to be rational and justified

Quote from: "Nalyd"
Heavens, Neb, you've never had a misunderstanding? And you call me the argumentative one.

Quote from: "Sylae"
Neb i can see where you are coming from but this is neither the time nor the place to get righteous and butthurt about something that doesn't inconvenience you in the slightest.

Quote from: "Vergil"
Jesus Neb, can't you just bend a little for someone?

Pot kettle black, I know, but jesus.

Quote from: "Sylae"
way to completely blow what is being said out of proportion.

You seem to be the only one of that opinion. I've admitted (many times) that I overreacted, Neb. Why can't you?

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Re: only rule
« Reply #31 on: 09 November 2011, 08:20:56 PM »
You seem to be the only one of that opinion.
I am also the only one at ICC who is of the opinions that gay kids shouldn't be hanged. Majorities don't scare me, and large contrary opinions don't matter. I deal in fact. My analysis of facts found this in need of correcting. Upon my reflection, I have carried that out successfully and in a proper manner.

Just as you guarantee you will act similarly if this matter comes up again for real, I similarly guarantee that I will manufacture an argument that criticizes any topic's rationality when it pertains to action being taken with an opinionally unreasonable origin. In that inevitable future, I will do it in the matter I have specified in earlier posts. If that's considered an overreaction, a description I disagree with (especially compared to the arguments I use it against), so be it, it doesn't change how I will approach things.

Why can't you?


Quote from: "Jewels"
Quote from: "Neb"
I still find my argument to be rational and justified
I noticed you just quoted that section, which wasn't even a complete sentence. I do hope you read the rest of that paragraph, you seem to have a tendency to not do that or not to link together thoughts from two different sentences (I can't decide). If you are still confused, I recommend you reread that paragraph, for it perfectly illustrates why I'm here.
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Re: only rule
« Reply #32 on: 10 November 2011, 10:31:09 PM »
Neb, your argument is rational and justified.

Now shut up.
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