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De plane! De plane!
« on: 11 November 2011, 11:50:17 PM »
So we live a little over a mile from the airport. When fun stuff happens with the airplanes, like the Blue Angels, we get a front row seat. This little gem happened tonight. (scroll down to pics posted by my husband)

The girls and I went on an outing, and got to see six police cars speeding down the road in the opposite direction. Called Chris and he went to investigate (thus pics), then when our outing was done the girls and I had the privilege to drive behind the tow truck and the 9 other vehicles with flashing lights that were going 10mph back towards the airport.

Fun stuff, and really good timing as we could have left/come home at any time.

Edit: Bah, I was going to update the link to a more direct one but they didn't turn it into an official story and it looks like they nixed a couple of the good photos... But its the story that happened 11/11/11. Didn't notice the date till just now. That's kind of neat.

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Re: De plane! De plane!
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