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Content Delivery Network
« on: 17 March 2012, 06:27:07 PM »
With the advent of the server move to Rackspace, many fancy shiney new resources have been made available to us. One of these is Rackspaces's Content Delivery Network (CDN). They've partnered with a big-name company, Akamai Technologies, to provide this service to Rackspace users. Therefore, I have decided to start offloading some files and content to this resource. This has two benefits for you:

1) A less irritated Admin. I pay for storage on the CDN, but not bandwidth. If I host a file on the normal server I have to pay for bandwidth every time it is accessed. Therefore if a file is accessed many times a day (like the chat stuff, smileys, etc), it becomes more economical for me to throw them on the CDN.

2) Better service for you. These files are mirrored on "over 73,000 servers in 70 countries within nearly 1,000 networks". Rather overkill for the whole 10 CalRef users, but hey. Some of Akamai's other clients (beyond rackspace) are NBC and the Department of Defense. So I feel pretty safe with these guys being the only thing standing between the chat smileys and certain doom. It's kind of overkill since we only have like 10 regular visitors, but w/e.

All of these CDN resources are accessed from the domain [tt:1h2zavqi][/tt:1h2zavqi]. So if you ever get a hankering to see the page source and find a crapton of urls leading to that, now you know why.

(tl;dr: another thing for me to fuck up)