Author Topic: Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.  (Read 1684 times)

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Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.
« on: 07 October 2014, 07:49:03 PM »

What the hell is Magical Diary?

Magical Diary is a Visual Novel/Dating Sim game created by the folks over at Hanako Games in 2011, where you play as a young woman who has recently been invited to attend an academy for the magically-inclined. To quote the website:

   You have been invited to attend a magical school. Here you can make new friends, learn dozens of spells, face exams in the school dungeons, run for class office, and try to find a date for the May Day Ball.

But be careful! You might end up in detention, be lured into a secret society, be forced to marry your professor, or even be expelled!

Every puzzle has multiple solutions, and the path you choose is up to you. Are you a good witch or a bad witch?

To be more specific, you play a young freshman girl who has recently discovered she has a talent for magic, and thus received an invitation to go to Not-Hogwarts. Her first year there is where we'll be taking control, deciding who she interacts with and what classes she'll decide to take. It's fairly similar to any other school, save for the lessons where you learn to interact with the undead and blow shit up.

Who's the blue guy with the wings? Is he important?

Erm...kinda? He's tangential to the plot unless you specifically choose to keep interacting with him. Even if you don't, he's one of the few characters that continues to play a (small) role in the game, regardless. It'll be up to y'all if you want to flirt with Mister Fancy here.

(click to show/hide)

What about the title? Is there some kind of magical tome you can write in?

Again, not really. I'm not entirely sure why they picked the title that they did, given that the titular diary is a plain old journal your character writes in to keep track of what she's done over the year.

So, wait, who is going to be playing?

You folks, mostly. Voting/discussion will decide what classes we take and who -if anyone- we decide to go out with, along with most of the other miscellaneous actions we'll be taking. Speaking of which...

This is our Heroine to be. Her hair will be a similar shade to Sy green, in reference to current Overlord of Calref. The default name is Mary Sue, presumably as a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor from the creator, but here's where you all come in. Post your suggestions for her name down below, and the one with the most support (either here or in the chat) will be used. And no, Azuma, I am not naming her Dongs. If you want to name a character after a dick so badly, go pay the ten bucks over at Something Awful.


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Re: Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.
« Reply #1 on: 07 October 2014, 08:02:21 PM »
I feel like we should name her. . . Chungus?

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Re: Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.
« Reply #2 on: 07 October 2014, 09:09:59 PM »
Xai Xai
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Re: Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.
« Reply #3 on: 07 October 2014, 09:18:14 PM »
Hermione Granger :P

Wait, no, Not-hermione Granger.

Not-emma Not-watson


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Re: Let's Play Magical Diary!: Calref Edition.
« Reply #4 on: 07 June 2016, 01:02:08 PM »
Whew, been a while.

*Blows the dust off everything*

Anyway, let's get back to it. Last time I solicited a name, and the majority of the suggestions I received were on par with a half-drunk SA user.  After another round of suggestions, we've finally come up with-

Sure, let's go with that. At any rate, with the naming and creation of our poor young witch out of the way, let's get to the game.

And by game, I mean the intro.

: I was playing tag in the back garden with my friends, but when I tried to jump out of the way of the girl chasing me, I jumped so high I flew all the way over the hedge!

At first, I couldn't believe it was real. No one else could, either. Within a few minutes, they'd all convinced themselves that nothing unusual had happened. Then the next day, a strange old woman showed up at my doorstep to offer me the Choice for my future.

And now, here I am- sixteen and on my way to Iris Academy, an actual school for magic!

My parents drove me out here, but we've already said our goodbyes. I asked them to drop me off at the outskirts of the school so I could walk the rest of the way on my own. I knew Dad would cry and make a fuss over letting me go, and I didn't want my new classmates to see me like that.

Actually, I'm surprised Dad agreed. He's always been a little overprotective. Maybe he's finally recognizing that I'm not a little kid anymore. Anyway, it means I have to carry my own suitcases, which contain all that I'll have to my name for the next nine months.  Not many clothes, because we'll be wearing our school uniforms most of the time, but I have some books, pictures of friends and family, and decorations for my new room.

The campus looks more like a very posh boarding school than a home for witches and wizards. Pretty buildings, lots of trees, and wide open spaces. Summer is still lingering here; the leaves haven't yet started to turn. I walk a little faster, feeling slightly too warm in this long robe and cape.

The other two girl halls are the Butterflies, which is probably for girly-girls, and the Snakes. I'm not sure who would want to be a snake. I'd much rather be a horse. Unfortunately, I'm not exactly sure where Horse Hall is. I have a letter about freshmen orientation- where did I put it? I look down at my suitcases while I walk, trying to remember which pocket I put it into, when suddenly-

Oh snap. Who is this guy? Why does he kinda look like a disgruntled gardener with shirt cuffs? Who cou-Who the hell am I kidding, it's not-Snape. We'll get to deal with him tomorrow, as well as finish up the introduction to Iris Academy and also explain what all those numbers on the side mean.